Friday, April 7, 2017

Useful Donkeys and their products on the Farm!

As many of you know that follow our blog I milk donkeys... its not for everyone!
However if you don't want to milk them you may want them as guardians for your other livestock..they have certainly served me well for that purpose here also!
General care info on donkeys is here

For alittle extra fun... this is donkey fiber yarn! Thats right! Some donkeys get a heavy coat in the winter time which is super easy to collect in the spring when  they start to shed.
This pretty art yarn is a mix of bamboo, firestar fibers and donkey fiber!
Who knew?! I plied it with a strand of sparkle yarn..
Finished Donkey Yarn
It was just as easy to spin as any other non crimpy fiber. Pick, wash , card and spin!

Donkey Milk Panna Cotta .... one of the best desserts I believe I've ever made! The natural sweetness of the donkey milk needed no extra sweetener!

My Donkey Milk skin care line is up and running and receiving rave reviews from everyone whos tried it! In addition to donkey milk soap we have luxury spa bars, rich body whips, skin renewing donkey milk scrubs for the face and body! A wonderful nourishing line of donkey milk facial skin care too! Donkey Milk is amazing for the skin!
To find out more go here Latte d'Asina

Donkeys are a very wonderful blessing on this farm! 
Though I must admit... the whole riding donkeys... not for me! I much prefer a horse! 

Have a blessed weekend!

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