Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Milking Donkeys, From cattle pasture to milk barn

Here are my Milking princesses impatiently waiting for their daily grooming session , followed by a little aromatherapy before milk time. I'm not kidding ...
The things I do to get donkey milk from these 2 excellent milking girls! lol
It's that good! They are that good!
Some of you know my journey with these two and their buck wild foals.. Which btw are sweet as they can be now and on their way to being halter trained.
So they are all getting better all the time. I have devoted lots of time and effort figuring out how these girls think and what they need to feel comfortable. Because they haven't been loved and handled like most of my other donkeys it's not been easy.
They weren't super wild like that jack I bought in 2015.. Wow! Was I out of my skill set there! He too, started to calm down. After a year! As much as I could expect a crazy intact, never been touched  jack to calm down.
For awhile I doubted these two would have a real future as milkers here though. 
I'm seeing progress and that gives me hope! They are such gorgeous , healthy , strong examples of donkeys. They produced such gorgeous foals too!
With Fae being a super milker and Mina having such an excellent udder and teat structure .. It would have been a shame to have to sell them.
They have truly tested me... 
All of them!

What a journey ....

What a blessing.... 

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