Saturday, January 14, 2017

Some girls want expensive handbags but I want a saddle donkey!

Another new chapter on the farm journey for me...
Saddle donkeys!
This is something I wanted to pursue from the first year of farming and I'm finally getting a chance to now!
Meet Liron , it means 'for me, he sings'
Due to his very loud bray it's a fitting name!
He is a beautiful 13 hh trained riding donkey. I'm excited to get him settled and get all his tack together. 
This is seriously a dream come true.
Hey... Some girls want diamonds and silly expensive purses.. I want a riding donkey! That's just me 😀
I am not a horse person but I am taking riding lessons on a horse to learn balance and riding safety since no lessons on donkeys are available here.
Maybe you are thinking why the heck would anyone want to ride a donkey when you can ride a horse. Nice broke horses are so much easier to find and honestly less expensive most of the time. 
Well, why not? As I've said, I'm not a horse person so it's a mule or a donkey!
Donkey it is! Why not stick to what I know!
I think this may be the most fun thing I've done since training my Dobermans in schutzhund! Possibly even more fun But we will see!
Now I can put all those logging trails up in our woods to use. Of course, I'm looking for my husband a saddle donkey too! Wouldn't be much fun riding all on my own all the time. His donkey will have to be bigger than Liron though!
What does this have to do with 'farming'? You may ask...
A lot! I love the farm and what we do. I'm happy to get up everyday and blessed to be surrounded by such a beautiful place.
I love that we are taking the farm in a new direction.
 However, farming is a lot of hard work and I've said it before... Sometimes the farm/home starts to seem like a job site. 
Burn out can, does and has occurred!
There's a need for recreation and enjoyment. I don't always like to go out to unwind so I'm hoping this activity will be a nice relaxing , fun change of pace from the work of everyday here on the farm. 
A new way to spend time with donkeys is always welcome! 
Fun on the farm.... Now that's the good life!

Finding this donkey was a blessing and we went through some obstacles to get him here from PA. He's a big present from my ever supportive husband who likes to make sure I'm a happy farm girl. 

Wonder if my husband wishes I'd just ask for a silly pricy purse though? Might be easier on him 😉 but that's no fun at all!

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