Thursday, January 26, 2017

Shady Fae and Sketchy Mina , aka; milking difficult donkeys

So if you read my previous post you have read about my quirky girl Fae.
Here's a update... For 3 days she milked like a dream.. It was wonderful! Bliss!!
Then out of no where her shady ways came back and she backed away during milking,, tired to brush me off with a light kick ( yes there's such thing as a light kick if it was hard my hand would be broken and I wouldn't be posting right now) , she seemed annoyed and restless. What is it now? What could it be?
Did she hate my purple jacket?? I took it off.. Was she mad because Mina was staring into the stall at her? I lured Mina away .. Was she mad because her daughter was being annoying.. This she should be used too!
For days I couldn't figure out what was up.. Then I figured it out. I had added a probiotic to her feed she didn't like 😒
She also doesn't like when I smell like certain essential oils.. She prefers lavender or peppermint..
Please don't misunderstand the problem here.. Fae is not an unfriendly or high strung donkey! She's pretty laid back.
Although she doesn't care for brushing ( maybe I'm using the wrong brush?? ) she loves hugs and scratches! She likes her belly rubbed and doesn't mind having her udder touched or milked. She always comes to me in the pasture, always easily follows me into the milking stall. 
She's just unpredictable and it's like all the stars must be in perfect allinement  for her not to throw shade my way. Her quirks come out if anything is out of place during milking time! 
And if you read my last post you know why I put up with it.. Fae is a rock star for donkey milk and holds the record here for production. She milks more than donkeys much bigger than herself. Meaning my feed to milk ratio on her is excellent And I am possibly retaining her daughter because of this. 
Oh Fae!! Please stop your shady ways you could have such a bright future and a pampered life that a million donkeys would kill for! 
Plus she's SO gorgeous!
Then there's Mina.. I just started milking Mina last weekend.
Mina loves hugs and scratches! Stands so perfectly still to be groomed with any brush whatso ever!
She has no problem with me touching her udder But actually milking her udder she's not cool with unless I'm constantly feeding her hay cubes.
No hay cube and she will kick me across the field and she's not playing!! Her sketchy behavior is actually very dangerous And I'm extra careful with her. So I let her have her way. I do countless squats getting up and down to give her hay cubes in between milking. 
Maybe I'll have firmer thighs after her lactation is over.. Looking for a bright side here!
She can't be like a normal donkey and want grain... No! That's not getting you any milk! 
It Must be hay cubes.. And a specific brand to I might add!
I don't know that Mina will be the rock star milker that Fae is but it'd be nice if she let me find out! Her milk is sweet and early lactation milk is extra healing.

 I truly love donkeys and believe their milk is one of the healthiest and most helpful things I've ever had. 
On another exciting note it's a wonderful ingredient to my skin line I've been developing since 2011. Best milk ever!
Milking donkeys isn't for everyone and I've certainly milked much easier donkeys!
I believe these girls can be dealt with and be less shady and sketchy someday.
If I'm patient , persistent and I'm observant to their sensitivities.
No 2 are alike that's the only thing I'm certain of!

Beyond blessed for the opportunity though.. Even with all the things to work out I love these donkeys. 

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