Sunday, January 8, 2017

For something to get bigger other things must get smaller

From homestead to small subsistence farm and now to farm business.
Our wild ride in different homesteading/farming ventures has been a blast of successes and crushing times of utter defeats! 
Now this new year,  as I've stated in other posts, brings more changes and it feels so overwhelming but totally exciting.
For 2017 Gods Blessing Farm is now Gods Blessing Farm LLC. 

The milking donkey herd is getting bigger, the addition of riding donkeys and the donkey milk skin care business is a major undertaking.
For this to get bigger other things must get smaller. Management of time is critical. No other dairy animal projects, no additional poultry projects and my gardens will be smaller.
To be honest, Over the years I'm realizing that my gardening and poultry efforts are ...
Well.... A bit to large! 
Ok much to large!!! 2 people do not need to raise over 80 goslings a year with no intent to sell them!
And 2 people do not need the extensive amounts of food I grow in my garden and market gardening is just not anything that interests me. 
So these things get much smaller, some things get eliminated. The donkey herd and donkey milk skin care business gets bigger. The training of riding donkeys take a place here. 
Other dairy animals I wanted ,unfortunately there's no time for me to dedicate there. The donkey milk is superior in skin care and I can't digest other milks like donkey milk so focus has to be on what keeps me healthy and makes the best product. 

I'll raise about half of what I raised last year in the garden and the more difficult things to grow will not be planted. 
I love my gardens and growing but I admit I do not like growing everything. 

I will only incubate some quail next fall for replacements but all other hatching will be left to the birds themselves. Thankfully my Pigrim geese and Muscovy ducks are excellent mothers and need no help from me!

I feel good that we reached an amazing goal of growing over 90% of our own foods here. This year that will be a smaller number. I'm good with that and looking forward to local sourcing from other farmers what I've decided to no longer grow. 
I feel the need to move on to other farm goals and challenges. I feel like these challenges have been put in from of me for a reason and I need to pursue them. 
My husbands farm challenges and goals with the Meishans have also grown and changed somewhat. The Meishan offers opportunities that the American Guinea hogs could not offer. 
Having be given the opportunity to preserve these extremely rare, diverse genetics and get them into the hands of other farmers is a huge undertaking. 
When I saw my husbands breeding schedule for the 2017 Meishans it was terrifying at first look!! 
The Meishans are a big part of the farm business. They are such wonderful pigs that I don't even mind having half our farm be a *pig farm* ! 
They are mostly my husbands responsibility and as the Meishans get bigger other stuff he does must get smaller. It's all about balance and dedication to the opportunity given.  
There's much to be organized, much to be built and expanded and certainly much to be learned with these new farm ventures we believe the Lord has led us too. 
It's a new day.... 
God is Good 


  1. It was time for me to say hello! Hope you remember me. Are you still sewing.

    1. Of course I remember you Faye!! I hope you're doing well! I haven't looked at any sewing blogs in awhile I do miss them... I don't have time for much sewing but I do a re-fashion project every now and then!