Friday, December 2, 2016

The Amazing Donkey Milk

There has been a lot of growing interest in donkey milk in the last few years. 
Big donkey dairies in Europe are getting more and more attention!
And now here in the USA donkey milk is slowly starting to be known for the amazing milk that it is. Luxury donkey milk products are even hitting the markets! 
Historically donkey milk is nothing new. Since it's not a very efficient, commercially viable product it's not well known in our modern world. 
It's making a comeback as people rediscover its value!! 
Primarily it's used for its nutritional value to infants because it's so similar to human breast milk , it's many medicinal reasons and for people who have milk casin allergies.
It's sweet and light and wonderful!
I started milking because I had a health problem I wanted to see if it would help and bad milk casin allergies that were getting worse every year. I missed having milk products in my life!
Donkey milk does heal my digestive issues and has served as an allergy free dairy choice for me.
However, After around 6 to7 months of lactation , around the same time the foal is getting most all its nutrients from solid foods , the donkey milks healing effects aren't as good. 
But it's still an allergy free , sweet tasting milk! 

Donkey milk is wonderful used in many things.. Some things donkey milk is better at than other milks!
Like this....
The magic of Kumiss now even has my husband totally addicted to donkey milk. 
Drinking just 4 ounces of the fermented wonder drink is like getting a B shot!
I've been a coffee drinker for a good 20 years.. I'm totally addicted to caffeine .,
But this is better than any caffeine I've ever had and yes,,the energy , it wears off. But there's no crash like with sugar or caffeine and it's much longer lasting!
I actually find myself wishing I could start the morning with kumiss instead of coffee sometimes. 
Unfortunately Donkey milk is scarce right now at our house with Rani nearing the end of lactation and no foal in sight until spring so I hold off until mid morning for that wonderful energy high!!

Ok.. So you might be thinking 'what the heck is Kumiss' 
Traditionally it's fermented mare's milk drank by the people of Central Asia. Made famous by the Mongolian warriors. 
I totally see how they almost took over Europe if they were on this stuff! 
Donkey milk is very similar to mares milk in high lactose sugars, fats and proteins so it ferments well into the slightly effervescent drink. 
It's absolutely amazing, fairly easy to make and only takes 24 hours!

Now this is really something normally made with cows milk. It's milk liqueur ..
Donkey milk liqueur! I used a traditional recipe from Portugal but left out the sugar since donkey milk is naturally so sweet.
Smooth... Decadent are two words that come to mind when I sip this! 
I can not imagine cows milk and sugar would be better! It's also better than any cream liqueur I've ever had. 

Other things donkey milk excels at is being used desserts as I've mentioned previously and yes! I will be posting recipes on my website! 
I've noticed recently a very expensive donkey milk chocolate being marketed in Europe. I can personally say donkey milk and chocolate are a match made in heaven! 
There are so many things this milk does well!

Through all the trials on the farm with dairy livestock I am blessed for every experience because it prepared me to milk and manage such an amazing *dairy* animal. 
It's very ironic to me that one of the modern worlds most neglected and mistreated animals holds the key for so many healthier lives. 

I am thankful for donkeys and their milk that's made such a difference in my quality of life and added such flavors to my food and drink!
Praise to God for leading me to this very unusual adventure! 

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