Thursday, December 15, 2016

Go big or go home!

More Donkeys on the farm... It's a go big or go home moment!
Due to my 3 days no donkey milk experiment that did not go well, we've decided to expand the herd.
This means I won't be able to follow my plans of having dairy sheep to milk or adding Emus. 
It's true that donkey milk has healed my stomach so I'm not nauseous or in pain after I eat. But it's not healed it to the point that I can be without it... Nothing helps like donkey milk. So the donkeys are taking over a huge portion of our farm. 
Donkeys need time. Lots of one on one time to get them to behave like I need them too. Managing them to milk takes even more time, And I've decided to pursue training the bigger ones to ride which also means lessons for me! I'd always planned to eventually do this but now it's taking a higher priority since we have expanded.
It also means our donkey milk soap and lotion business will be taking a front seat As we phase out of the other milks.
Donkey milk is best anyways :-) I mean, if it's good enough for a queen..
So in addition to my already lovely herd of 5 Jennies and 1 Jack.., I have these lovelies joining the farm for evaluation. 
Finding standard donkeys is not easy for me here. There are no breeders.. No where I can just go buy well trained standard donkeys bred for the conformation and temperament I want.
I have to search them out. I'm often lied to about them, And very often they are in bad condition and I spend as much getting them in good condition as I paid for them.. Sometimes more. 
They are all a risk but some more than others!
So meet Shani,, she's bred to foal in April 2017. She is 'green broke' to ride or so I was told. She's a gorgeous sorrel red color!
And she's completely won my heart with her 'hugs'! I'm not kidding ! She hugs me.
Leans into me and wraps her head back to pull me closer. She's absolutely wonderful! And has good manners.
She's a treasure to have.
This is Phina.. Black no light points donkeys have to be my favorites for color. This girl is warming up to me. I really know nothing about her and she was a huge risk to buy. But she's heavy bred and friendly. As she settles in better I'll start working with her in the round pen to see if she knows what a halter is!
Same with this girl.. Huge risk but she's built so beautifully and friendly I had to give her a chance. I call her Jayden 
Now this lady is standoffish.. And at first was quick to act like she would kick me if I got to close. I'm giving her some time to de-stress then I'll try to see if I can get her to come around. Unfriendly donkeys don't usually end up with a good life so I hope she does. We call her Kezia 
She is also bred. I have no other information about her either. 
This girl is a rare beautiful color! A dappled donkey! Never imagined finding one of these! She's got a 6 week foal on her side. The farmer I got her from had no info on her either. She seems kind sorta friendly but is on guard for her baby. I hope she gets comfortable soon because I really need to start milking her!
She is called Fae and her Jenny foal is Fara. Fara has never been handled and is a buck wild kicking machine! I have a lot of work to do!
This is Mina... She's a pretty girl. She came from the same farm as Fae and has a 6 day old jack colt by her side I will call Ezra. She is very protective at this point !! 
Just look at his little face... I'm sure hoping she calms down soon so I can get my hands on that cutie!!

So as you can see, There's no room or time for dairy sheep or emus!!! 
I was a little sad about that at first.. But I can't be sad for long looking at all these gorgeous donkeys and thinking about all that wonderful donkey milk we will hopefully be blessed with! 
I do pray for wisdom , patience and strenth though! As I clearly have my work cut out here...
And I still need a second jack! 

Be blessed and have a great weekend :-) 

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