Sunday, December 11, 2016

Small Farming in freezing temperature

Oh how I loathe freezing weather !
Especially as a farmer! It is a blessing I live in the south because if I lived up north I would probably not farm much.
Trudging around in layers of heavy clothing ... Freezing finger tips.. Cold red nose... Yuk!! I so did not sign up for this part of farming! 
Something I have learned the value of...
Heated waterers!!! Nothing is worse in the frozen cold than carrying water to ALL the livestock we raise! 
I bought this heated chicken waterer and it's so wonderful. I wish there were mini heated waterers I could buy for the quail!
The waterfowl all have access right now to a spring fed pond that rarely gets ice and the spring that I've never seen frozen even when it got to zero last year!
So chickens, waterfowl are covered! Just have to deal with quail ...
Now the pigs, sheep and donkeys need water.. They drink a heck of a lot more than quail!
The pigs and sheep drink a lot less in cold than they do hot temperatures. The Meishan pigs are the husbands problem .. He carries water to them. I have everything else to manage!
The sheep still need water carried to the but nothing compared to the donkeys! 
Donkeys, I've learned, drink a lot no matter what the temperature! Especially my bigger girls. 
Some of the donkeys have access to the spring but the ones in the main barn area do not...
So I fill and carry these 5 gallons buckets.. A lot of these!
Since donkeys are my joy and a necessary thing here for their milk and poultry guarding , A heated equine water tank is on my wish list! 
It's much needed!!!
I was complaining about how square bales are easier to deal with than round but actually in cold weather round are easier!! Just one less thing I need to carry out in the hideous cold! 
Our hay feeding stations are saving us tons of waisted hay! Saving so much wasted hay I'm seriously wondering if I'm going to have enough mulch for my gardens!
As our farm grows the need for things to make our daily chores less time consuming become more apparent.

I write this as I hope like crazy when I go out today the hoses are thawed out and I don't have to carry water!
I'm sure thankful I can do it!
But sure hope as the farm grows I can add more heated waterers! 😀😀

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