Monday, December 26, 2016

Random pics from a growing donkey milk farm

Christmas was filled with blessings! It was a beautiful day and even though my*big* present won't be here for a couple of weeks I'm having fun with a really nice thoughtful present from my husband. A real camera! Sure I'll still snap cute shots on the phone but wow.. what a difference a real camera makes!! 
Little Ezra and his mom Mina
 Never had a camera this nice either. With the amount of blogging I do, the new website I'm building, our farm website, the farm store revamp and because I love to take pictures of my farm!  My husband thought it would be a great gift.
Gorgeous Phina
 Its got lots of confusing options and buttons but I'm loving it!!
Shani with Jayden in the background looking on
 Much better than the phone pictures!!
Diva and Jayden
 So as all these projects growing, the meishan herd, the donkey herd, our farm and I can't forget my grandson! I love talking pictures of him when he will be still! I think this will be a much used present!
Pretty dappled Fae waiting to be milked
Thanks Husband!! How do you like the pictures??  :-)

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