Saturday, December 31, 2016

New website announcements!!

We have much going on for the coming 2017!
The Meishans and Donkeys are certainly taking over here!
We will always have geese , ducks and other poultry for our own use but we are becoming a donkey and hog farm on a much larger level than I could have ever imagined.

In the coming weeks I'll be working on a new webstore and website for our newest and best products yet!
Latte d'Asina Soap and Skin Care!!
Latte d'Asina means the milk of a donkey in Italian. I first found out about donkey milk from an Italian donkey dairy website so it's a fitting name!
Our first batches of donkey milk soap sold out quickly! And more is curing and being made as fast as we can! 
As a professional licensed Esthetician it thrills me to be able to work with such an amazing natural skin care ingredient!!   
As a farmer I'm blessed that I have the ability to produce this milk myself so I know first hand that the donkeys the milk is taken from are loved and fed the best natural foods. And my milking donkeys are chemical free! 
Also my other newest website has been launched! It will be a work in progress for awhile as I learn more all the time myself! It's focus is on caring , managing donkeys and managing them as dairy animals. I see mistreated and misunderstood donkeys all the time. It's my hopes that this site can help people understand the donkey before they buy one and certainly before they try to milk one! And information on why you would want donkey milk. 
I adore these creatures! They deserve good homes and top notch care just like any other animal. Few people realize they are very useful animals to have on a farm. 

As always thankful to God for the wonderful opportunities he has put in front of us! All the glory is His!  

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