Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Donkey Hay Stations and then some 😀

With standard donkeys eating as much as they do I needed to start feeding round bales. It's just to expensive to feed square all the time. 
But Then we needed to figure out a way to keep them from wasting almost as much as they were eating!
And I think we have a good idea here..
Check it out!!! Our donkey hay feeding stations!
Now the barn stays cleaner with the bales not being inside plus there's more room for everyone if they want to go in out of the wind. 
It cost us less than $65 each to make these. Keeps the hay dry.. It's sturdy.
And it keeps them from pulling so much hay on the ground and pooping on it.
The hog panel cut into keeps the hay back nicely , no one steps in and they can just lean in and eat.
Wish we had thought of this last year!! But oh well.. I had lots of mulch hay!
The materials used: cattle panel over the top, 4 tpost to steady the sides, tarp over the top, pallets to sit the hay on and help keep it from getting wet and moldy, a modified hog panel tied across the front to hold the pulled out hay in.
This is really going to also cut down on my chore time without having to constantly shovel up wasted poop hay! As well as save us money!
Here's another of my husbands ideas.. My quail feeder!
It's 2 aluminum bread loaf pans.. Clipped on each side and holes cut in. 
This has reduced the quails feed waste to almost nothing!! Quail are huge feed wasters . That's the only thing I haven't liked about them. But now that problems fixed!
Also this feeder only has to be filled maybe twice a week for 6 quail. 
Love cutting back on chore time!
And On another note...
This is Shani... Just brought her in last night. I was able to get her because her owners were divorcing and just needed her gone. Sad circumstances have left her a little neglected but not to bad.
She's a little thin, needs her hooves trimmed and needs deworming as well as her vaccinations.
She is awesome though! Halter and lead trained and I was told she's been started with riding too!!
I was also told she was bred to foal in April. I'm hoping that's true!
She's the prettiest sorrel I've seen on a donkey. She's my largest donkey now.
I think she will be impressive once I get her in shape and in good health!

Fall and winter have finally arrived here on our farm. Harvest from our garden has been great along with All I preserved and we raised, we are very well fed.
For that I am so thankful! For many many things I am so thankful!!
It's been an amazing year , filled with real blessings and wonderful opportunities but it's almost over. I'll be kinda sad to see 2016 go!!

Hope y'all have a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!! 

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