Saturday, October 15, 2016

Make mine Meishan!

Well... All three lines of Meishan have farrowed now!
Illinois state, Iowa state ( which is the most common line but all Meishan are rare) and finally the USDA lines!
We are very pleased with these pigs..
Our pastures haven't been damaged by them.. They are calm and so docile..
They only time they make a noise is when they heat cycle . If it wasn't for that I'd forget they are even here!
Seriously.. We have a total of 40 adults, juveniles and piglets on our property right now!!! 40!!! I can't believe there are 40 
And it's so quite ... Peaceful even!!
Well... Until the geese or donkeys or sheep see us! 😂 they are not so silent!
We are very very happy with the growth rates of the outcrossing if the Iowa state and Illinois lines! They are growing faster than the Iowa state to Iowa state breedings. The Iowa state to Iowa state is still growing faster than Kune or AGH though! Thankfully!! I hated the growth rate on those pigs.. 
And we are looking forward to seeing the growth rates of the USDA lines that have just been born these past two weeks!
This is very exciting to us having the last of the 2 research herds and being able to see first hand how all 3 lines compare.
Above .. Just look at that perfect Meishan face 😃😃

Maybe you think they are ugly .. Weird or just don't get it! But they are the 
only pigs I could ever tolerate now.
After raising AGH, GOS.. Couple of kune .. Looking at other breeds on farms I just couldn't imagine even putting up with any of them after these sweethearts!
Yes... I called pigs sweethearts!
Only these pigs though!!!

Gotta make my mine Meishan 😉
We are so very blessed to have been given this rare opportunity to work with this breed and to be able to save the last ones from the last 2 research centers so the breed may continue in the USA without all the extensive inbreeding that can happen when there are no records of the breedings. It's wonderful bonus to have such nice pedigrees on the USDA hogs!! Which we are able to pass onto others who want to be involved in this amazing pig! With 6 unrelated boars this breed can be saved , with proper management, from the perils of inbreeding depression which takes away from the wonderful qualities this hog brings to the table!
I never thought I could be excited about raising pigs ...
But watching this breed ,, seeing how different it is than any other pig I've seen..
It is exciting!!

Very blessed indeed!! 
They have even been good for our marriage .. Cause now I'm not constantly complaining about my husbands pigs! Lol! 😂😂😂
Great pigs,, fantastic low input livestock!

Happy peaceful farm days....

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