Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I went looking for one Jenny (ok, maybe 2!)

I was in total panic mode as we made our way through Virgina last Saturday. My stomach was in knots.. I couldn't even eat my favorite chips I had picked up for the trip ( if I can't eat chips, something is very wrong!) 
My poor husband thought I was going to have a panic attack.. I thought I might have a panic attack!
It didn't help that I had 10 oz. of pure espresso either!
Five hours Up mountains , through the longest tunnel ever , almost all the way to the west Virgina line and down into a hollow to get to this farm for their donkey sell out..,
And when we walked into the pasture my worries and stomach knots melted away,,, I saw these beautiful , perfect sized girls! All coming over to check us out. Have I found an important part of my donkey dairy dream team???

You see I didn't mean to load up 4 new donkeys... I meant to find one Jenny..  Preferably with a young foal so I could milk her. So Orel and little Varda here below are what made me call in the first place!

I mean... Look at her little face!!! 
But I also left with these 2 lovely ladies...
Lior and Adiva... They were just to perfect.. Super friendly, beautiful coloring and that size I like!
Lior may be bred... Or maybe just a little fatty! I'm sure my jack will let me know before to long which it is!
And I love the rarer colored donkeys...
There's a lot of hoof work got to be done! 
Lior has to be on a diet .. Cause even if she is bred , she's chunky! 
And there will be lots of halter and lead training this fall!! None of these new girls are lead trained! None of them!!!
Luckily they already really like me and we are building trust. Donkeys need to trust you. If they don't there won't be much success in training! Thinking animals.. They are such thinking animals!
If all goes well I'll be milking Orel in 4 to 6 weeks!!! 

Huge blessing. To find the size donkeys I want to primarily concentrate on for our dairy donkey project. With color! 
Color is a pretty important part of what I'm trying to do here too! 
I am so thankful to have these gorgeous girls to work with 😀😀

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