Friday, July 22, 2016

My gift donkey didn't work but I'm still grateful

Remember Henna?? 
The big 'gift' donkey??
Well, Im very sad to say She didn't fit in here because she had issues with ducks and geese... Bad issues!! She wanted to stomp them!!
Huge problem since I use donkeys to help keep my poultry and waterfowl safe. They need to coexist in pastures and woodlots because 2 of the 4 areas and the new pasture has a creek or pond that the waterfowl can use better than any other livestock we have. 
Plus my ducks are so excellent at keeping the fly population down.. Nice for donkeys since flies tend to spread disease and make them so uncomfortable!
Such a sweet girl 😟 im sorry she didn't work out.
I'm still glad I got her , short time it was, I learned something about donkeys..
And I'm not just talking about her aggressive behavior to waterfowl . Which I admit, really caught me off guard because the other 6 donkeys I've had/have could have cared less about the birds! Who knew??!

Donkeys are such individual, thinking animals.. It takes some of them awhile to trust. 
All of them do not make good guards, or pets or whatever. And some of them do make excellent guards , pets and even excellent dairy animals! 😉
They are just so different from donkey to donkey! And each one needs to be treated and evaluated as an individual. 

Henna had a completley different vibe about her and she much preferred my husband to me. 
Which also surprised me because the other donkeys have always prefered me!

So I learned from the experience and got more comfortable being around a much larger donkey in the process.
I'm happy to say I found her the most perfect home ,,, one without ducks or geese!!!

Learning experiences are always good..
Even if you learn what not to do!

Have a blessed day! 

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