Sunday, June 12, 2016

Today was a good day!

Days off the farm are a nice break ,, especially in the extra busy spring/summer season! And especially when it's in the mid nineties and so very very humid...
Even on day offs , there is work..
Everyday no matter what livestock has to be feed and watered.. Then I check in on the garden to see if anything absolutely has to be harvested or watered .. All other garden work can wait a day!
But it's always a pleasure to pick ripe veggies so, not a lot of work in that.
Just a lot of joy!
I wanted to look at a jennet donkey up in south Knoxville.. Since it was a smaller donkey we just took our animal hauling van so we could hang out for a hour or so while in the city.
First stop was K Brew.. The cold brew coffee was just what I needed! So good!
And such a nice building. We enjoyed our coffee and talked about the farm (Ofcourse!) for about an hour.. Very relaxing. 

Then off to Mckays used bookstore where I found this out of print 1980 book from the editors of The no longer published Organic Gardening.. 
I do love gardening books! Especially older ones..
And then off to meet a possible donkey to add to my growing dairy/guardian herd.
She's a mini donkey.. My focus is really on small standards,, a hard size to find.,,,but she's on the upper end and can be bred to my small standard jack.
Fine with wearing a halter but needs some lead work.. Gentle, friendly, young and beautiful!
Back of the van she goes!
Mini donkeys are so easy to transport!
Her name will be Bissela ( meaning very little) after an adjustment period she'll go in with Levi so hopefully she will foal around the same time as Shoko , who has been in heat this past week. 
Ofcourse livestock has their own ideals but that's my plan anyways!

Just a beautiful girl!

Just a beautiful day that I am so thankful to the Lord for!

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