Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Organic Donkeys 😍

Maybe you think I'm crazy Because I milk donkeys ,, yes, you read that right , I milk them and I drink it!
It's light, sweet, refreshing .. Unlike any other milk I've tried.
Not only is it a really fantastic excuse to have lots of these awesome creatures on a subsistence farm like ours, 
It's a health food that's been used for centuries to nourish , heal and beautify. 
From this beast of burden comes such a wonderful gift...,
Donkeys fit in here better than any other dairy animal I tried... Though not trait bred here in the USA for dairy, I still refer to them as my dairy donkeys because that's what I will be trait breeding them for. 
They have such an easy way about them..the girls are such a joy to work with.
I look forward everyday getting up to see them!!
It's important that I keep them chemical free as possible since we drink the milk...
And I use the manure on my garden , which I prefer to keep organic. 
Compared to other dairy animals I've managed the donkey is easier to keep chemical free. 
But It's summer and equine in general draw flies which require sprays...that are full of chemicals...
Honestly the flies barely notice my traditional colored donkeys but 
They absolutely harass my spotted ass ..
So I came up with a fly repellent salve that also has skin healing agents for her and any other of my donkeys that are bothered ... My husband has also used it on some of his meishan pigs ears with great success! 
I have to apply it once or twice a week.
Works fantastic !!!! 
And if you'd like to try it , here's the formula :

Fly Repellent Salve 

8 oz. of comfrey infused olive oil
1 oz. bees wax
1 tsp. Cedar essential oil 

I melt the bees wax in the comfrey oil using a small crock pot.
Once melted remove from heat and add cedar oil.
Pour into tins or 4 oz. jelly jars work well. 

Having a fan in the barn also helps keep the bedding dry and not as attractive to the flies.. My little silkie chickens eat fly larvae and my Muscovy ducks chase and eat flies right out of the air! Very entertaining! Lol
All these things help keep the flies down to a minimum so I do not need to use chemical sprays. 
Little extra work but worth it since I'm depending on the milk as a healthy food source and the manure as nutrients for my organic garden. 
I also have to take into consideration my poultry and our honey bees which may be sensitive to the chemical sprays.
They are often in the same areas with the donkeys.
Hope you find this formula useful 
And have a very happy day!

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