Thursday, June 23, 2016

Homestead Happenings: Enjoying the Bounties now and later

I'm starting into that part of the season when gardening maintenance , harvesting and preserving start happening all at once. So about to get crazier around here!
One thing I'm thoroughly enjoying this year is our donkey milk many different ways. Last winter during a *treat yo'self* visit to the grocery store ( this is when we buy things we can't grow like coffee and chocolate! Or fruits I can't grow like sweet cherries) 
I notice over ripe bananas on sale crazy cheap! So I bought them ALL 4 bags of them! Chopped them into chunks , put into gallon bags for the freezer so I can add them to our melon sorbet when melons come in this year. Makes it more ice cream like.. But without being sugary and unhealthiness ...And in my case cow milk should be avoided really at all times!
It's been SO hot lately I decided to try a banana donkey milk smoothie.. 
Since over ripe bananas are sweet and donkey milk is naturally sweet too it was more like a banana milk shake!
I'm not complaining!!! But I really gotta start looking for more over ripe bananas on sale to stock pile! 
With it being so dry I was afraid we wouldn't get any wild blackberries but they are here!!!! If it doesn't rain they won't be here long though...
So it's that time of the year to go out , fight ticks , ants and torns all for this fabulous fruit! Which I really need since an evil fruit maggot destroyed ALL of our blueberries this year 😡
Blackberries are so easy to can.. Freeze.. Eat all in one sitting! Lol
Nothing quite like a hot blackberry cobbler in the winter though... So I'll try to restrain myself and not eat them all!
My first year growing spaghetti squash.., success!!!!!!!
Four plants have produced 11 squash! Some big some little but I am thrilled!!!
And planting more for a late crop since the seeds I have mature at 88 days I have time! Wonderful thing about winter squash... It's naturally preserved for months just the way it is! I don't have to do anything but pick it and put it in a dry area.
These are spring planted onions. They don't get near as big as my fall onions. But I needed to go ahead and pull them because the bed they were in didn't get mulched and was over run with weeds.. Weeding at this point would have pulled them up anyways.
One of our favorite soup seasonings is dehydrated onions so five trays later these were all chopped and drying out.
Early Cucumbers have been booming this year.. We've ate them alone, infused water, made cucumber and goat cheese sandwiches, cucumber salads.. Even cucumber humus dip and a cucumber avocado salsa.... All delicious. 
Feed quite a few to the animals too!
2 years I started juicing them and freezing them in ice cube trays so I could use the juice in specially soaps and lotions I made. Worked out well!
This year I'm freezing for that and because a cube of cucumber juice in a glass of water is really refreshing!
I'm also going to try to make cucumber jelly when I have more time this winter!
A quart of dehydrated onions and almost a gallon bag of ice cubes. Not bad for the days preserving!
I so enjoyed the bounties of goose eggs fall, winter and spring...
I miss them terribly .. Sure the chicken and ducks eggs are yummy .. But the goose eggs are like donkey milk... Just so darn extra good!
Speaking of chicken eggs.. Some are hatching under broody mommas this week!!! I love silkie chickens! If only all livestock was as easy as them! Lol
Extra Roos will be processed we do like our silkie chicken meat a lot!
So there will hopefully be plenty for us through the winter. 
Love this breed... Though I don't need for the typical silkie standard. More for utility .. My rooster is not a tiny foofoo guy! 
As usual we have so much to be thankful for on this farm.
The work is so hard and I do have to remind myself it's worth it...
Ok, I don't have to remind myself it's worth it when we are eating!! Lol

Be blessed 😄

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