Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Garden and Meishan Love

With sadness the spring veggies are gone... This is the last Little broccoli and my purple cauliflower...
But with great happiness the summer veggies are coming!!!!!
Zucchini and yellow squash.. Many More cucumbers!! 
All the extra work for the early tomatoes is paying off because I've been getting 2 or 3 everyday for about a week now!! With loads about to turn red!!
And what an exciting feeling to see Dragon Tongue beans again!!! Quite possibly the best tasting fresh bean on the planet ! They are on the menu for tonight and I Can't wait!
This also means the garden work is about to get even crazier... So my to do lists need to get better . It's so easy to forget little things that need to be done when there's so many things piling up. 
I still have new beds to mulch... Things to fertilize... Still have a few things to get in the ground And secession planting needs to begin.
 Along with a couple weeks of light harvest then ,boom!! Having to harvest every other day! And .. Yes.. Preserving!
Oh time consuming food preservation has to be done.
Next month I have to start fall veggies!

The last of the lettuce.. The lettuce on the right is an old variety called Gramma Hadley's .. Looking forward to trying it with bacon grease dressing!!
The 5 USDA Meishan boars and 2 Meishan gilts are settling in. These two girls are getting especially friendly! 
We named them Xishi and Minghou after 2 of ancient China's most beautiful women. 
I know some may think they aren't very pretty .. But I think they are adorable!! And so different from other swine it's fascinating to watch them. 

Yep... Just adorable!!!

Y'all have a blessed day 😀

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