Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dairy Donkey # 2 in the making

Yesterday Leeba finally had her foal!
A tiny jennet! And I'm still amazed everytime I look at her. How can anything be this adorable...., 
So Leeba is on her way to being dairy donkey number 2 here!
She's right on the edge of mini at 36.5 in.
Few inches shorter than Rani who is definitely a small standard.
Rani's jack colt Eli is almost 8 weeks old and wow! He is a handful!!! 
We are up to him being off his mom for 3 1/2 hours now and she is giving me a pint of milk on that 3 1/2 hour fill!!!!
That's how much I got of some of my Nigerian dwarf dairy goats for a 12 hour fill. So this is good! Very!
Plus she milks so easy! Easier than many dairy goats and dairy sheep I had.
Donkeys on the homestead aren't for everyone... Certainly dairy donkeys aren't for everyone .. But they are working out so well here. 
I feel like all the other dairy animals I tried that failed here for some reason or another have lead me to being more prepared for this dairy donkey journey on our farm. 
It's hard to realize that sometimes your failures are really getting you ready for something that's better for you.
I enjoy working with donkeys better than sheep,, which I enjoyed working with better than goats!
 God does work in mysterious ways.., I can promise you if 6 years ago someone said ,'you will be milking donkeys' I would have said that's weird and no way!! 
Honestly When we first started the farm I would have said that's weird and no way to dairy sheep! I think my experience milking sheep really helped open my mind to milking donkeys. What a journey!
Wonder if my dairy animal journey will ever lead me to milking yaks???!!!??! Or camels !! Water buffalo?? 
๐Ÿ˜‚husband says NO! ๐Ÿ˜‚
There are limits to our climate , land and finances!!! ( dairy camels are like $8,000! So...Not happening!) 
I've really considered Zebu cows but with my cow milk allergies I'm not sure they would be the way to go even though they  are said to have A2A2 milk as opposed to A1A1 that most domestic dairy cattle have.  
I'm good with donkeys!๐Ÿ˜€ plus it just tastes better than any other milk I've drank!
Also on the farm... My husband has been working for months on fencing another four acres. This started out as an area for his pigs but it's going to be way easier for him to manage the pigs on the front half of the farm... 
Which means that four acres .. With pasture, brambles, a few shade trees and a creek will be mine to use for the donkeys and geese!!!!
I walked over to the new area yesterday while my husband was setting fence post  since I hadn't seen it in a while. 
These two followed me up the road.. They want in the new area too!!! This four acres is directly attached to the main areas I use for the donkeys and geese.. So very convenient for me!
This is the bramble half up on a hill..
The pasture and creek are below ..
He's only got four more posts to set!!!!!
And then we've got to try to get some people together to get the wire stretched.
My donkeys and geese ( Muscovies too!) aren't going to know what to do with all this new space!
I couldn't be more excited! New foal, new donkey to milk soon and new pasture!
We just keep moving right along building up the farm... Projects one right after another!
Failure or success , as always I'm thankful! 

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