Monday, May 23, 2016

The Snow Pea Trials are over but the results very so very good!!

Well the snow pea trials are officially over ... Sad , because it means my snow peas are gone until the fall.
Atleast now I can get more butter beans and crowder peas in the ground!!!! 
Anyways,,for a change we have actually had a real spring! So cool weather crops have done much better than they usually do but Norli variety out produced the other peas by pounds!!!! Not kidding! Pounds!
The fancy French snow peas were larger but Norli killed it!
And since the flavor of the others wasn't any better,, one variety was a tad sweeter.. Next year I'll just plant loads of Norli. I might try the fancy heirloom French varieties this fall see if they do better.. Norli doesn't do well in the fall. So I do need a fall variety.
I had so many snow peas this year I actually had plenty to share with my sons family and get bored of sautéeing them as just a side dish.
Which lead me to new recipe ideals that were pretty darn amazing!

First... Snow peas with mustard green pesto over pasta!
One of our favorite new things this spring was this pesto was perfect with snow peas. I think I made this atleast 3 times!
Oh,,, this was so good.. I'm low on poultry (we have some birds ready but haven't had the time to process them this spring) or I would have made this one again!
Snow pea and chicken salad!! Incredibly good! Google found this recipe for me.. A few tweaks to accommodate our taste buds .. I really wish I could have made this again!
Snow peas with sliced pork shoulder 
From the practical produce cookbook
Perfect quick dinner!! Was perfect with our red meat pork ! Not sure I would have liked it with standard white meat pork though... But I don't like anything with white meat pork!
Very very good!!! I had picked broccoli and asparagus that day too.. Good addition!

And finally Snow peas and cashew curry!
Loved!!! Google found me this one too but I used cashew butter instead of making a cashew paste .. Used curry and hing for the spices. 
Perfect flavor profile.
The cashew curry sauce will be excellent when I start getting in fresh snap beans in a couple of weeks too! 

These new dishes and countless sautéed snow pea side dishes have made spring dinners really good!!
But now it's time for me to look for kohlrabi, carrot and fava bean recipes because it looks like that's what we'll be eating the most for the next couple of weeks! 
While I not so patiently wait for tomatoes, snap beans and summer squash...then okra, corn and peppers.,and so much more if I have a good garden season ( praying !! I'm praying I have a good season!) 
Oh and fresh cucumbers everyday!! Getting a few .. But I need so many more! 
We will also be getting back 2 pigs from the processor and hopefully get some ducks processed!! I desperately need lard and duck fat to cook all these veggies in! Half a jar or lard and no duck or goose fat is not good!!!! 

Need to plan my day in the garden.. It's gonna be a hot one! Time to get my farm tan on! Lol!
God Bless❤️❤️❤️

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