Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Subsistence Farming Fun

Check it out!! Eli is starting to nibble solid food!!! That's right little guy eat that solid food ! In 6 more weeks I'll be wanting some donkey milk! 
This is the first time I've attempted to grow a runner beans... Germination was terrible but what sprouted looks amazing!
From a mulberry tree planted last year!!!!
And there's more!! They are so sweet!!
I planted them because a long time poultry breeder told me a mature mulberry tree could feed a small home flock for about 3 months with very little supplementation... These are so good I'm going to want the majority for us though!
I did plant 2!
All AGH have been sold!!!! But 1 boar piglet! They have been a nice stepping stone in getting us ready to take on our big Meishan hog project. Now we are just waiting on pick ups and deliveries. 
The agh provided meat and lard , a nice beginner hog...we've had them 6 years... but it's time to move on ... And Nothing beats these super docile , quite Meishan .. This is one of our younger Iowa state line sows with some agh piglets and some adult agh sows. She's actually smaller than our Illinois line sows.. But as you can see she's much larger and longer than the agh sows... 
This wood lot has been occupied by the agh for over a year now and it looks it.. Compare to the green pasture our meishans has been on.
Pretty easy to see why I like them more and more every day!

And we are very excited to add another Meishan line 😀😀😀
My husband loves raising hogs.. I'm so glad he found the meishans .. I appreciate what the agh brought to the table on our farm but they drove me crazy!!!
Till next time !
Be blessed....

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