Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Snow Peas trials, Elderberries and a Dandy gander

Love the snow peas! This year I planted 4 varieties .. Norli ( pea in the middle ) was the first to produce and has been producing for over a week now..
The pea on the far right, Corne de Belier is sweeter than the other two and just now starting to produce.. The pea on the far left is just starting also.. Carouby De Moussane... And it's the largest snow pea ever! Taste similar to Norli. 
The fourth variety Dwarf snow has a few baby peas.. All were planted at the same time.
Half a pound gathered today! Mostly Norli.
There's a few sugar snap in here also. 
Norli also takes up less space .. Needs no support.
It's early so I'm excited to see if the other 3 varieties start producing like Norli !
Never enough snow peas...
The elderberries I dug up from my mother trees are looking so good!! I love having elderberries. In Growing for Market magazine last month there was an excellent article on them. I didn't realize they were such a big business in European countries. Native to the area elderberries sure do well here. The trees I planted last year are huge! Especially the Adams variety. My wild tree is already starting to bloom !
I talked in the last post about changes to my goose flock.. This guy will be staying though ..Dandy, is a good gander. He isn't the top gander but he's Always looking out for his girl.. Takes care of babies.. Some of my ganders are to busy being full of themselves to be good fathers and mates.. They won't get to stay. I don't care what the breed is. The ganders job is very important. Only room for the best..
Just a lovely site... Grazing geese...
Y'all have a blessed day.

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