Friday, May 27, 2016

New kind of Spring Harvest

Not my usual spring harvest...
Yesterday I gathered all these kohlrabi .. Loads of beets and over a pound of fava beans!
I've already discovered I can eat beets in chocolate desserts which is a clever way to feel better about eating desserts.. I mean it has beets in it! So healthy right!
And the first two kolhrabi I harvested made an excellent Cole slaw with my baby carrots!!
But now what??? There will be more chocolate beet desserts and beets keep along time! 
Kolhrabi recipes it seems are limited.. I've googled, I've been on Pinterest so now it's time to pull out the vegetable cookbooks and see it I can find something interesting to do with this not popular veggie!
And the fava beans.... We've ate them sautéed with pesto over spinach pasta and they were amazing! But I gotta find some more recipes for them too.. I have over a pound of them!

While I garden, search for recipes , feed geese and poultry , brush , pick hooves and care for my donkeys the last couple of days I've also been feeding and watering my husbands pigs...
This is the Illinois line girls as I'm hollering at them to come and eat...
I'm not used to being ignored when I have a feed bucket ... They really like grass!!
The husband returns today and my days can go back to being just hectic instead of down right crazy!
Many blessings y'all 🐣

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