Sunday, May 22, 2016

New donkey, new cucumber and naughty geese

Meet the newest addition to the donkey herd! 
She is named Shokolad ( meaning chocolate in Hebrew due to her having no points and a chocolate face) calling her Shoko for short.
She is the perfect size for the dairy/guard donkey herd I'm trying to build. Her rare coloring is pretty nice too!
I favor the small standard size , which is pretty hard to find!
All donkeys I have or had got their own little  *quirks* ... I'm figuring out the new girls.. One thing , she is super food aggressive! Not the first donkey I've had like that. Just has to be managed like any other higher thinking animal.. I do not feed any of my donkeys with my birds anyways they will all be greedy and try to eat my goose feed which can result in an injured goose and a possibly colicky donkey! 
Something good.. Who ever raised this girl did a wonderful job.. She loves people and understands what ' no' means! Something I'm trying to teach the new donkey foal that has grown teeth and is learning to bite! Yeah,, he needs to learn no! 
My Jack , Levi here giving Shoko the look... She will be moving in with him soon!
My silly geese decided To be annoying and hang out on my low tunnel plastic we had spread out to dry before putting up for the season... Now it has goose poo on it! They better be glad I love them!
And celebrate 🍾🍾🍾
My first cucumbers of the year are maturing!! This is a hybid called Tiny Tykes.. Very similar to the heirloom Parisian pickling( which I'm also growing) they are tiny cucumbers mostly used for canning pickles. I wanted to try these because they mature in 36 days!!!!!!! 
But to my surprise they have an excellent raw cuke taste!! Maybe even better than my go to eating cuke , an heirloom called Ruby Wallace White.
My husband said it was the best cucumber he's ever tasted ...
I may need to grow more...
I love heirlooms but there's a lot of new hybrids out there being bred for superior flavor for home and farm market gardeners. 
Well I'm off to enjoy a day of rest and Praise the good Lord for that!!

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