Friday, May 13, 2016

I love growing beets, But I don't like eating them...

Beets grow so easy here in lesser busy garden times. Fall, over wintered or early spring they do well. Nothing really bothers them.. No pest or diseases . There are all kinds of varieties and they even grow big beautiful green tops for eating as well..and they are so nutritious!
The problem? They taste like dirt!
Well,, to me they taste like dirt ...bad.
I think the greens even have a dirt taste.
The only thing that taste worse is Swiss chard. 
But I love growing them.. Lucky for me the poultry and pigs love them! I've tried many varieties, didn't like any of them even when they were described as being 'mild'.  I cooked them many different ways.. Hated all...
Now please don't think I'm weird because I like growing veggies I don't like to eat.. I totally inherited this trait because my mom grows things like cushaw and pumpkin but does not like to eat them..
I guess I'm a garden geek by birth lol!
I saw this variety , Candy stripped beets, on the show 'the chef and the farmer' they were pickling them!
So I thought I will grow them and try pickled beets.. Maybe the vinegar covers the dirt flavor! I love pickles of all kinds so why not.
Picture below.. They are beautiful! They are just starting to bulk up. Just in time to pull them out and put some heat loving veggies in. Love it when that happens...intensive four season gardening is the very best use of garden space. When the weather cooperates it's helpful Ofcourse...
On first taste this beet is super sweet , followed by a slight bitter taste...
But finished with... That awful beet dirt taste! Yuck!!!
Not feeling like pickling anything right now I check Pinterest for recipe ideas and found a load of dessert recipes.. For beets???
There were truffles, brownies, cakes...
Always on a quest to hide veggies in desserts to up the nutritional value I decide that's my best bet for trying to hide the flavor of dirt but get the nutrition from the beets.
I started by dicing them and boiling them in honey until soft. 
Puréed them.. Added 2 duck eggs, 1/4 cup lard, 1/4 cup cocoa powder and splash of vanilla extract.
Baked at 350.
What I got was an amazing texture and rich taste somewhere between a fudge brownie and flourless chocolate cake! 
With a slight aftertaste.... Of dirt 😕
Just ever so slight... So....
I make a frosting of mild goat cheese , honey , touch of water to get the texture right and cinnamon..
Now I have these delicious (gluten free even!) nutritious chocolate beet torte with goat cheese cinnamon frosting. 
I finally have a way I can eat beets.🤗
And looking forward to more hide the beet recipes! Lol
But the greens still go to the geese or other poultry!

So I'm having a piece for breakfast before I go out to... Ofcourse ,the garden. Need to get my pink dent corn and purple goose beans in today!! Along with shoveling up poultry manure, mulching more, preparing the melon bed, transplanting more tomatoes and starting more cucumbers. That's what I have to get done today...
That, and feed my mass amounts of feathered beauties , rotate the donkeys and let the beagles run. 
It's gonna be a fun day ❤️🌞❤️
So very thankful for it.

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