Monday, May 16, 2016

Growing Corn and other wonderful things

This year instead of only growing a flint and dent corn for grain I've decided to branch out into sweet corn.. I'm a big fan of grain corn! And never really considered sweet corn but when I saw some varieties can be harvested in 60 days or less! I decided to give it a go... Could be a great secession crop for my intensive garden plans!!
Corn is a crazy heavy feeder!!! Maybe the heaviest feeder I grow. 
In Will Bonsalls book on growing the self reliant garden , corn is the only thing he grows that needs animal manure .. Being a true vegan he actually uses his own humanure!
All other crops he keeps fertile through plant based compost and green manure cover crops...
So next time you're thinking you're eating a vegan corn chip grown with no inputs from animals.. Think again my friend! Most corn cultivated in the USA uses blood meal ( dried pig blood) and a number of animal manures. So don't be so judgy-wudgy .. There's blood on your hands to unless you're buying from someone who composts humanure! 
Good luck finding that!
My early sweet corn beds have a base of chicken manure compost and wood ashes mixed into the soil. Which sounds pretty rich,, but I know it will not be enough... So instead of mulching with the usual newspaper and sawdust I used newspaper and fairly composted goose manure. The idea being that as it rains the newspaper decomposes and the manure nutrients will leech into the soil slowly throughout the growth of the corn.
Hopefully it won't leave the soil totally void of nutrients and something will be available for the next crop going in. Which will probably be butternut squash and I'll add alittle blood meal in when they are planted. Job's tears are also planted here. There's so little info on growing them but I did find one source that said they needed similar conditions to corn. 
This is a bed of sweet corn planted a week later pictured below. 
I'm using fresh donkey manure on top of the newspaper for its leeching fertilizer.. 
Since Donkey manure is not as nutrient dense as goose manure I'll probably plant late beans in this bed when the corn comes out. The first planting should be ready mid June , the second last week of June. Plenty of time for another crop of something!!
I hope this works!!!! It will be awesome if it does ...,
In other gardens... I'm begging daily, please rippen tomatoes.. Pretty please!!!!!! I'm dying for a tomato!
This bed of mustard will be coming out this month... More pesto!!!
The cooler weather has not made my peppers happy.. I had hoped they would be productive earlier this year since I used wall o waters.. But the extra cool spring has not been good for them. Next year I may plant them not only in wall o waters to start but also in a soil warming plastic mulch. 
Muscadine vines are LOADED!!!
I always make juice.. Sometimes wine from them. This year I may need to branch out and learn to make some other things... 
Little Eli.. A week old and starting to nibble browse and grass. He's huge!
Still the most adorable baby animal ever.
I can not wait to milk Rani though!!! So hurry and learn to eat solid food!! 

off to make dinner...
It's gonna be something with snow peas.. Again! Lol
I love that problem.. To many snow peas!
Such a blessing 😌

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