Thursday, May 5, 2016

Garden experiments

I have so many things going on in the garden this year... Many new varieties and some new ways to try and get things to grow better. 
There are so many things to look forward to the first summer squash ! And also, many things to try and avoid .. Like the squash vine bore! 
Typically I always direct seed summer squash late April. This year I started some inside to try and get a jump on an earlier harvest before the bore hits, in late June usually.
The results....
Squash hate being transplanted and tend to pout .... The seedlings above were direct seeded a couple weeks ago.. Seedling below started back in March and transplanted last week...
It's a little bigger but turning yellow from transplant shock.. During this time it's more vulnerable to pest attacks and It's not going to grow until it recovers..
Meanwhile the direct seedlings are growing at a extremely fast pace, healthy beautiful green. It will be interesting to see who gives up the squash first!
I did start some spaghetti squash back in February inside too that's doing well after transplant ... So maybe it's not as sensitive or maybe because it was a very large plant when it was transplanted . In fact it's huge and blooming like crazy...
It's so hard for me to get a mature winter squash from a c.pepo because of the vine bore ... I'm hoping by starting it ridiculously early I have a chance .. Not counting on it but I still have hope!!
Below , Red Acre cabbage started inside doing wonderfully!! The direct seeded is still much smaller so starting cabbage inside for a jump was worth the effort.
A few of the gardens below...Waiting to be planted. This long spring has messed up my corn schedule 😞
And probably shocked the sweet potato slips I just put in ( new varieties had been shipped so I had to get them in)
I had planned to start cowpeas and okra this week but 43 at night... Nope! Gonna have to wait til next week. 

Yesterday was our day off the farm.. Long overdue break was needed!
It's supposed to warm back up to the 80's the next few days. I'm refreshed and ready to get back at the gardens!!
Hoping some more goose eggs will hatch..and baby donkeys will be born. 
I've been waiting soooooo long for my girl Rani to foal!

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