Friday, May 13, 2016

Donkey foal and spring harvest

Crazy busy doesn't even begin to describe how it's been here!
Planting new fruit trees, planting and prepping and harvesting gardens,, dealing with loads of newly hatched ducklings, goslings and silkies...
A new, long awaited donkey foal ....
Rani finally had a very healthy baby boy. 
The birth was uneventful but Rani started to get an infection so we had to get a vet out to flush her. Since Donkeys are pretty easy and generally very hardy this was the first time I've had the opportunity to talk with an equine vet. 
There's not a whole lot of info on donkeys and they are quite different from horses. So the veterinarians visit was helpful to keeping Rani in good health and educational for me as well!
While she was here she checked out Leeba too... She thought Leeba should foal in about a month 😄😄😄🍾🍾🍾
Something else to be excited and anxious about!
I ❤️ these creatures like crazy..,,
Also due ... My husbands Meishan pig Pumpkin is getting huge...and still about a month out.... Nice , quite pig.. Grazing and not destroying our feild , lovely site...
I never tire of seeing it!

Some spring veggies rolling in!!
The motivation I need to get the rest of the gardens planted and mulched!
Almost time for okra and melons to go in...
Dent corn and more cowpeas go in this week! And many new varieties of pole and butter beans.
The new varieties of snow peas are still working out.. The new way of planting carrots ( post on that later) is working out better than any way I've ever planted them. The first time planted favas beans have worked out amazing!!! They have been pest and problem free, giving me early fresh , delicious beans and not depleting the soil so when they go out in June I can plant something else right in that garden bed. Keep the food coming!!
The new variety I tried, Green glaze collards,, not worked out as well. I bought them to try because the shiny leaves are supposed to make them more insect resistant .. It does for the cabbage moth, but the flea beetles really like them.
The flavor is not to our liking either. It's a very strong , pungent flavor. They need to be boiled and doused with vinegar to be good. Lightly sautéed , the way we usually like greens, doesn't cut it for these! 
God is so very good...
Now I have to hurry off to pick up my new goslings!! This is a new line of white Chinese for my goose egg laying flock , very excited to get them!
Then it's hurry back and get in that garden!!!
Have a very blessed weekend y'all 

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