Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lovely Spring Day

Still having a real spring this year! 
In fact this may be the longest spring since we've been on the farm. The last few years all my seedlings were already moved to the green house and I have usually already transplanted tomatoes.. Not this year! Most seedlings are still in the house due to the chilly , windy days and the only tender annuals transplanted are protected by the wall o waters I bought this year. 
This time last year I was panicking and hanging shade cloth over my snow peas ... Not this year!
Look at this beauties.....
These are Carouby De Maussane snow peas ... Love the pretty red accents in the leaves. These are a first year trial. I planted 2 other new snow pea varieties and my tried and true Norli , they are to the left of these and already blooming!!  

Another new variety. Since I love Dragon Tongue beans why not try Dragon Tongue mustard! The flea Beatles like it a little but not enough to cause any real damage. It's mild enough to go in salads for me , sautées beautifully and has done well needing no protection in our late frosts this spring. But with protection it has grown much much faster! I'll be growing it this fall to see how it holds up in the winter coldness!  Love it's coloring.

Ahhhh... Little goslings! These four incubated babies weren't allowed into the adopted group my goose, Aunt Liz took She gladly took them! But it was the other 10 of her 'children' that weren't having it! So these guys are living it up in an area that's usually for the silkie chickens .. Since they don't get out to graze yet I bring them greens and grass everyday which , like all my geese, they greatly prefer grasses to the fermented and whole grain alfalfa mix I feed when there's no pasture. I love that so much about geese.. They bust out of the shell hard wired to eat grass! This spring has produced some nice cool weather pasture grasses and I'm already seeing my supplemental feed needs for the geese go down. Means less work for me and less of a feed bill! 
These guys will be out on pasture in a couple of weeks hopefully if the older goslings will allow!
I'm still waiting on several broody girls to hatch goslings and I have 2 more bloodlines of Chinese geese reserved that should be here in the next few weeks. With the addition of these 2 lines my flocks will be closed. Unless there's some horrible tragedy ( it's livestock so tragedy does happen!) I shouldn't ever need to bring in new blood for the geese again. 
Meishan piggie chowing down on a TN vining pumpkin from last years crop. I love giving them pumpkins whole and watching them attempt to break into it! 
Looks like it's going to warm up some today!!! Time to get some pole beans in and maybe the Yukon early corn I'm trying this year!

Enjoy the lovely spring day!!!!

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