Friday, April 15, 2016

Little much needed time off the farm

Yesterday we took a little break off the farm (aka job site!) and drove over the Tellico Plains. 
Both of us love and seek out used book stores and The Book Shelf had been calling to us for some time!
A few miles up the road is Tellico river .. Bald river falls, baby falls, the tellico fish hatchery and an odd little community called Green Cove. 
But today was just a trip to the small little historic town block...
There's really not much town here.. 
But We discovered a really good place to eat.. Always a challenge when we go in a road trip because as a foodie/farmer/I have loads of food intolerances kinda girl , finding a place to eat is incredibly difficult!! 
So this was a really nice surprise.. Tellico Grains Bakery. 
Hot pressed sandwiches , brick oven pizzas and all that beautiful fresh made bread!
And the coffee was actually good!
Oh,, the pastries ! I normally wouldn't even look because to me pastries don't have much flavor .. they just always taste stale and overly sweet.. So I really haven't had one in years...
But these looked different. Rico bought a carrot cake frosted muffin than actually tasted fresh and had flavor!!! 
Winner/winner ...
This town may be small but a place to eat with fresh food and a used book store is a good place for me!
Oh.. The book store... It was small but nice 
And I found some good ones!!!!!
This old 1977 victory garden book was a good find!
Louise's leaves is more of a seasonal veggie recipe book with blank pages to add your own recipes. Really neat!
The Garden, dream and plan book... It's the best , most wonderful garden planning book I've seen! I like collecting unique garden planners and journal type books. This one is the best I've found.. I'll certainly be using it next year along with my charts. 
Nice break from the farm!

Honestly now that I'm getting a better handle on how the farm needs to be due to the countless reality checks over the years it doesn't feel as much like a job site as it did a couple of years ago... As long as I let go when it's time to let go (hard to let go of what the 'dream' farm was supposed to be and embrace what the reality farm is!), and keep my priories straight .. Which have also been defined by those same hard lessons learned reality checks. 
I read a blog post not long ago about a homesteader that had dreamed of a big productive veggie garden... Reality was her husband and kids like meat, bread and potatoes .. So all her hard work in the garden was pointless .. She was frustrated and annoyed but She had to let go of her ideal garden to focus on raising meat, potatoes and wheat...things her family actually wanted to eat. So she did and was much happier for it because now all her hard work was appreciated and she was filling an important role. 
I know that feeling! If all the work is not appreciated , or all the work leads to a money pit ... That's a stressful lifestyle, not a better lifestyle just because you're on a 'farm' or larger piece of land than you had in in the city. 

Our farm is shaping up to be what I think it has to be in order to not drive me back to a lesser stress lifestyle. Cause farming , though a wonderful thing, is stressful in many ways! 

And Taking day trips certainly helps! 

But now... Back to work! 

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