Thursday, April 21, 2016

Garden grows & insanely good food

The garden is really starting to take off this month! 
And I'm so glad because I've missed the variety of spring & summer vegetables ..
We've had loads of kale , spinach , mustard greens and collards.. 
This is exciting!!! My honey berry is blooming!!!
And this!!! Fava beans!!! I just can not wait for these!
Pink plume celery slowly but surely coming around..
Loads and loads of sunchokes coming up.. I really thought I had harvested enough of them to avoid over crowding.. Guess I may need to pull some out to sell. Such an easy to grow crop.. And roasted sunchoke soup was one of the best new things we ate last winter.
Year 3 of the asparagus bed.. So far it's looking pretty good.
Asparagus is sort of a pain to take care of.. It occupies a fairly large bed all year but the harvest is short. And it's a heavy feeder!
But fresh asparagus taste nothing like store bought so I will continue to take the time for it.
With our over load of mustard greens I needed to start searching for new ways to cook them.. 
Pinterest to the rescue ! This was amazing!! Mustard green pesto!
Possibly the best pesto I ever made.. Perfect over our homegrown silkie chicken .. And it freezes beautifully allowing me to preserve the harvest in a new very flavorful way!
Also insanely good.. My moms peaches..,
Made a peach cobbler using my fresh ground cornmeal for the dumplings and then sprinkled it with some of last years dried elderberry harvest .. 
New farmstead take on an old favorite 
Next week is really warming up...
Looks like a lot of things will need to get in the ground and I'll be mulching over time trying to stay ahead of the weeds!

Y'all have a blessed weekend 

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