Thursday, April 7, 2016

Farm Like a Girl

Looks like we are having a real spring this year!! Days are staying mild,, nights are staying cool... Good weather for those spring crops I've put out! And pleasant to work in...
Which brings me to my first load of sawdust mulch for the year...
Unloaded it all,, myself.. in a little over an hour.
Who says girls can't farm right ;-)

Spring is incredibly busy with all the garden work... prepping beds, starting seedlings.. potting up those seedling .. hardening off the seedlings as to avoid transplant shock. I'm experimenting with many new varieties and methods this year but as always constant mulching is part of my gardening plan..
It has to be! The alternative of always weeding isn't for me! And even as early as it is.. the weeds are coming. So yesterday I got my first bed mulched... even though I'm terribly sore from unloading all that sawdust! I love the look of a freshly mulched garden bed....
and Love those early spring workouts lol!
These are snow peas.. my favorite spring crop and they are already blooming. Due to us having a real spring I've got my frost blankets ready to cover up in case of a freeze. Which may happen this weekend. I started this bed at the end of February under a row cover in hopes of getting a good long harvest. Especially since some years we have no spring and the heat hinders a good crop.
In the back of the bed my walking onions are doing great and I have a couple of rows of carrots..
I will never be one of those people who have a totally mono cropped bed.. I never pull up a dandelion and I can't bare to pull up a faithful re seeder... dill reseeds itself in this bed every year.. 
Ofcourse on top of all the garden work spring babies are here!
Some came really early because I couldn't wait to have goslings.. so far we have had 31 goslings born with more under moms... ducklings are starting to hatch and we've had a good silkie chicken hatch with another girl just broody.
Adorable baby poultry!!!! 
Brownie the muscovy.. I've had her since she was a baby.. shes always been a great broody and good mother often double clutching. 
Some of my geese... this is a first year mother with her goslings.. nothing is cuter than seeing those little fluff balls on the pond. 
And oh the piglets!!! I honestly can't remember how many AGH piglets my husband has on the grown.. its alot.
But nothing thrills me like this litter of meishans... my favorite pigs...
Though the AGH have filled a need here as part of our subsistence model farm I don't really like having pigs...
Till my husband brought these in... incredibly pleasant pigs... yes,, I used pleasant and pig in the same sentence! I can't believe it either!
We are retaining a boar and gilt from this breeding since its from a different boar line than our Mr.Wu.
Look at their little ears starting to fall and flop down!
Adult meishans...LOVE ..yes I actually love these pigs!
Its not been easy for my husband acquire them but they are so worth it. I used to think AGH or Kune were the best  homestead hogs.. you know.. sort of the lesser evil of the pig breeds...
 until I met these guys.. so quite... I still can't get over how quite they are. I admit , I don't like working with the hogs we've had.. the GOS, AGH or even the Kune.. but I find myself enjoying working with these guys.
The wrinkles on the face vary with each pig but these girls are the most wrinkled of any current meishan pig pictures from the USA I've seen.
Can't wait for them to farrow!!!!

Well,, its a pretty day until spring thunder storms hit late this evening so I need to get some more mulching done,feed the worms, prep walking onions for the dehydrator and move the seedlings along with all other regular chores..
I think I might actually have some asparagus to pick along with kale and mustard greens!
If I weren't so busy... I'd have to much time to think about how tired and sore I best keep busy and keep farming like a girl :-) 

Have a very blessed day...

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