Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Update on herb garden project from 2015

Remember this post/Project???
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I'm ever the Skeptic when it comes to permaculture projects ...especially the ones that look like they were designed for Better Homes and Gardens!
I've tried my fair share... like this one...Reclaim
Which was an epic disaster! 

I could go on with the failures but I will kill to many dreams for those of you who love to romanticize Permacultre Theory... 
Now, I'm not saying that all permaculture projects won't work.. just none I've tried lol!
but seriously.. I'm just saying that if it sounds to good to be true... Many pretty 'homestead' and  'permaculture' projects are meant to sell magazines and books.. being productive is not a priority.They are glossy perfect pictures,more gloss than reality... sort of like a fashion know..the perfect air brushed model on the cover? It does sell magazines.
For those of you have been homesteading awhile you will understand more gloss than reality!

The cinder block raised bed versus spiral permaculture raised bed

I wanted the spiral to work SO bad!!! Its so pretty!!!
But my modern cinder block raised bed of the same size and soil content kicked its butt.. it held moisture well.. every herb thrived
In The spiral bed, herbs seemed stunted and they just did not go anywhere...I also had to water it even after the plants were established.. mid summer I stopped watering the cider block bed and watched herbs take over! There was no comparison . Cinder block bed won.

And in Conclusion... I did the only thing a subsistence minded farm girl could to... completely tore out the spiral bed and built a cinder block raised bed on top of it and then some more!

Because after all, as pretty as the spiral bed was,, mid-summer the thriving huge herbs in the cinder block bed was much prettier!!!
And saved me from buying all those herbs last year! winner, winner!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I saw an article on the cinder blocks earlier and was going to get some next week.