Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meishans ,, possible the most silent hog ever!

Adventures in livestock continues as we get to know the new pigs. 
Unlike any other pig we've raised or went to see the Meishans are SO quite! 
If I was sitting in front of our AGH like this the high pitched pig squeals would be killing me! Lol
These guy barely make a grunt...
Good piggies! Because all that squealing gets on my nerves after a while!
They are getting moved in the next week I hope into a wood lot with the meishan boar. We need baby meishans!
This was the first shed my husband built , after five years of housing goats & rams all the sides had been busted out! So he's gotta fix it up for the love bird meishans to live in. 
And speaking of pigs...
This potato salad with warm bacon & balsamic dressing was a hit last week!!

I didn't write the recipe down , it's so easy though!
 A few cubed potatoes, 3 bantam size sliced boiled eggs ( we are bring over run with eggs!!) some dehydrated onions, thyme, salt..mix well.
Here's the real key to the goodness!!!
 The dressing was about 1/3 cup warm bacon grease, chopped bits of rendered smoked fat back ( you could use bacon) and a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar , salt to taste.
Mix well.. So good!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!!

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