Thursday, February 4, 2016

I know its cold... but spring is coming!

Elderberry trees are getting leaves... Irises are peaking through the dirt... Buds are forming on current bush... My Chinese geese are laying more and more regular..
 February is still ahead with cold weather coming back in the next week but all this does brighten my outlook a lot and makes me want to really jump start ALL those new garden projects I got rolling around in my head!
As well as get some things in the ground and many more seeds to be started inside! So exciting!!!!!

Potato towers,, new grains to grow... different methods of trying to tame huge tomato plants and avoid name a few...
and micromanaging cabbages and cauliflower to keep the stupid cabbage moths off them with new things like this easy tunnel... Normally I wouldn't spend this kind of money on something but cauliflower is expensive y'all!!! and being without it is not an option! If this works I'll try to come up with a way to make them myself.. I know I could use my regular low tunnels but sometimes I don't want a whole bed of something.. this allows me to just plant a row... especially since I have 4 new varieties to try... new varieties don't get whole beds to grow in until they prove themselves!!
New toy!
Fresh made bed planted with snow peas and covered now... Gotta get those peas in early because I never know when our humid summer will hit.. if it hits early.. no peas if I waited until march to plant.
Topsoil love.... years of work ,,, pesticide free .. much much manure & compost added every year.. every season.. finally the earth worms find my soil acceptable to call home! With every turn of the broadfork lots of these guys were hanging out..

One of my new most favorite garden tools!!! These waterproof gloves!!!! I love them.. I go through garden gloves so fast and they have never truly been waterproof but these are! In my top 5 garden must haves!

Another new for this season.. keeping log sheets of planted seeds and amounts harvested. I always keep a notebook/garden journal type book but its often a hot mess at the end of the seasons with ragged sketches and notes that are hard to understand because I've wrote them in no particular order. Its more like creative recording than record keeping to me.
I love keeping my garden journal but its not the best for quick, clear reference. Last year I kept a log sheet of how much I canned and it worked wonderfully (I seriously surprised myself,,I had no idea I canned that much!) 
So hopefully doing these log sheets in addition will work well and help me in the future better understand my creative garden recordings! lol

Goose breeding in full swing.. the pilgrims and the Chinese have been laying for awhile.. I'm still waiting for my roman girl and my embden sired utility crosses to get going! I can't wait to see what they produce! Hoping for a goose that has the fat of the embden and but the thriftiness of my cross girls. I'm also hoping the growth wont be quite as fast as embdens.. These boys grew lighting fast, they are huge adults, easily over 20 pounds but were ready to slaughter at 3 months, which, for a commercial operation they would be a dream to raise and have ready for market so quickly!! We are typically not ready to harvest birds until the fall or at least late summer. To much gardening going on makes it hard to stop everything for meat harvesting! I also like for my geese to have enough down growth so I can harvest it also.. three months theres not enough there. Goose down pillow anyone :-)
The boys arguing over whos the top gander! I'll just say its a good thing they are separated.. My pilgrim boy is awful brave.. on his side of the fence!!

Oh!! Rani!! Will this sweet girl ever foal!!!
If its a jenny I'm keeping it.... well,, if its a Jack I'm keeping it too! Rani's temperament is a dream.. shes very even tempered .. makes her a great guard and a joy to have here.. so either way the baby is a keeper. This is probably the only time I'll ever say I actually want a jack donkey! 
Just hoping all goes well..
Donkeys are hardy... but they are still livestock. 

So much to look forward too...
Happy days and many blessings!
Till next time....

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