Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When the low tunnels come out ...winter is here

We had our first hard frost a few days ago so I decided to pick the last of my carrots and a bunch of mustard & turnip greens that I didn't want going to cover...
But even with it getting down to 20 here my other uncovered beds were fine!
It's amazing how cold hardy some of the greens are!
Went ahead and covered this bed.. Just in case!
Last year I had 3 covered beds with more variety. This fall I couldn't get my cabbage, kale and collards past the rabbits and I couldn't get broccoli past the cabbage moths... Next year we have plans to try and avoid these pests..,
But for this year I'll have to make do with mustard and turnip greens .
I may try sprouting some cold hardy veggies in the green house .. See if I can get some variety going!
Plus it's an excuse to grow something..
At the end of summer I'm so tired and burnt out from the garden and harvest I can't imagine having to prepare ground and plant anything else!!
but within a couple of weeks I'm ready to plant again, wishing for spring ...
Our wood cook stove is finally here!
One of our goals on the farm is try to eliminate using the central heat .. It only makes sense to get a wood stove also set up for cooking. Put that wood to good use!! This stove also has a water tank for hot water should I ever need it.
It's early thanksgiving morning as I write this .. Our dinner will actually be tomorrow night. Really looking forward to cooking because I grew a heritage turkey this year...we grew almost everything that will be on the table!! 
Only four little ingredients had to be purchased!!
I am truly thankful... 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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