Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting ready for spring in the fall

Every summer crop has been harvested and the plants killed by frost now.. So preparing for our next spring garden is happening!
Empty beds must not stay empty for long! Putting to bed my raised beds that aren't being used for fall/winter crops are important as fertilizer ... Because in a sense this layer of straw mulch .. Or whatever I mulch with is part if my fertilizer as well as it keeps my topsoil in place and all the micro organizims and earthworms safe and happy! 
Well nourished soil grow nourishing vegetables!! 
Through out the winter other things will be added to the beds.. Layers of chicken, duck or goose bedding and manure,, perhaps a layer of cardboard ,,, layers of donkey manure are sure to be included! 
Dead Leaves are excellent! Layers of egg shells and coffee grounds make their way into the garden also...wood ashes we collect are great for carrot beds !  Everything contributes to well balanced soil. 
Plus all this moving to cover and add matter to the beds through the winter keeps me from getting out of shape and lazy come busy spring and summer! Very important! I get lazy so easy if I allow myself too. 
Another favorite activity for me on the farm in the winter.... Reading up on my favorite and new garden books.. Taking notes and Studying different varities that may work well for us here.. Garden planning!! Yes I do think these things are fun! Lol
This is one of my favorite gardening websites...

It's such an organized site of farming for optimum nutrition...keeping in mind that a healthly vegetable can't be grown in unhealthy soil.. No matter what it is...
And livestock can not produce a healthy food if not fed a healthy diet in the first place. 
I read so many articles that try to make farming for nutrition so complicated ... It's really quite simple in theory .. Though maybe hard to achieve given the modern farming ways most have embraced. 

Meanwhile my fall greens gardens & carrots continue to thrive ... 
I admit to going way over board on the mustard greens....that's ok ,, the geese eat them too! And I'll be experimenting with some green kraut recipes!
Garlic making it's appearance!! Once it gets up a few more inches I'll be giving it a layer of leaf mulch on top of the duck manure compost I added to this bed. 
So even things feel like they are winding down... There's still plenty to do!

It's a chilly today... During the first really chilly days I have to make chili Ofcourse!!
So that Along with some corn chips and rosemary pumpkin humus.. Perfect fall dinner! Fall and winter mean more time to experiment with recipes!!!

So Along with obsessing over next years gardens...Before the madness of spring hits next year , I'm hoping to find time to make lots ginger beer and ginger champagne ... I want to make Real Hominy from our hickory king corn! 
and crochet up some of my handspun yarns I've made over the years. 
I'm going to try my very best to enjoy the slower pace of winter this year.. As slow as it can be here anyways! 
Try to take time and be thankful for all these blessings that are so abundant in my life!

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