Monday, November 9, 2015

Farm stuff!

Best sweet potato pie ever!!!
We've been chowing down on all the small and damaged sweet potatoes from our harvest since they won't keep very long... Not a bad thing since sweet potatoes is one of my very favorite foods!
I've made a lot of sweet potato pies over the years but this one!!!!
The secret ... Rosemary in the cornmeal crust and using duck or goose egg for the filling... It's a wow moment !
Everything used to make this pie was grown on the farm except the cinnamon.
Very simple recipe with tons of flavor...

GBF Rustic Sweet Potato Pie recipe 

•1 1/2 cup cornmeal ( I use fresh ground white hickory king dent corn)
•1/4 cup of honey
•2 tsp. rosemary
•1/2 cup lard ( preferably leaf lard from a real lard hog will give the best results) 
•enough cold water to make it moist 

Mix and press into a pie dish that has also been rubbed in lard to prevent sticking. Cook until lightly browned at 400.

•2 cups cubed sweet potatoes 
•1/2 cup of honey
•3 ducks eggs or 1 goose egg
•3 tbsp of leaf lard
•2 tsp of cinnamon

I smash the potatoes not purée because I like a chunky 'rustic' type pie.. After I smash them I add all other ingredients, mix well , pour into the crust and bake at 400 for 20 minutes then reduce to 350 for about another 15.

I'm so proud of my pilgrims for laying in the fall!!! Here's a pilgrim goose egg by a chicken egg.
If geese laid eggs all year I'm not sure I would really keep any other birds.. 
Well maybe a few for variety ! I do love the poultry!

And I love my angoras!!!!
Smokey girl is almost ready for another trim!!! Sweet, calm when being groomed.. Just a darling to deal with. Her adult coat is coming in beautifully! I'm very pleased with her lack of matting up even though I have not been as attentive with grooming as I should have been lately. Can't wait to spin it up!! 
Added more donkeys to our farm.. A jack and jenny.
Sweetest jenny I've ever been around and she's the most perfect size!!
Not to big, not to little .. My husband calls her the 'goldilocks donkey ' cause she's just right! So is the jack! 
My first girl is a bit larger.. She will be trained for me to ride if I ever get time!

Farm life is good... But so not looking forward to doing all my chores in the steady pouring rain. Blah! 

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