Thursday, October 29, 2015

Honey, mulberries & turkeys

It's been a long time coming... Our first honey harvest! 
The honey bees have been one of the most expensive ventures here on the farm so far and fairly difficult to get going.
But it's a missing link here.. Very worth the expense and work. A very important part of what we are trying to accomplish. Just over 3 gallons of honey here and it should last us around 6 months... Longer if we are a tad greedy with it!
All the credit goes to my husband on this one . He's totally in charge of the bees and has done a good job with them.
Oh the turkeys ... Big now,, only 3 left... And it's fall... So their time is running out :-( 
I'll be sad to not have turkeys but I know my limitations (usually!) and breeding another species of bird does not fit in with 2 separate silkie flocks , 3 separate goose flocks and 2 separate duck flocks!
They sure are pretty...
Here's the most amazing fruit tree we've ever planted ! It's a mulberry tree... It was a little stick when we got it and now look in just one season!! I wish I had ordered more ! If the 2 I ordered get through winter ok I will!
This tree was even nice enough to produce a couple of mulberries... Just to let us know how delicious they are!!
Pretty much every thing we eat comes from our own farm now...
For all the endless effort , hard work  and defeats.
The rewarding victories on the plate ..
Improved health , knowing our animals are treated wonderfully and the way the food tastes ... 
It's worth it :-)

I'm amazed at how many days I spend dealing with food from sun up to sun down .... Planting, preparing , preserving, breeding, feeding , protecting ..., seems incredible that it takes this much time to produce food!
But I've never in my life been more appreciative of food... And Never felt more blessed to have it! 

Enjoy the fall... Winter is so close !!
Be blessed :-)


  1. I have to give you credit for living like this. I know I could never live off the land, I would end up starving. It's hard work but I'm sure it's very rewarding.

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    2. Thank you! It's the hardest thing I've ever done. But if I can do it I know anyone with a mind to can!
      That and a whole lot if praying!!!