Friday, October 30, 2015

Just another day in the life of a subsistence farmer in Tennessee

Ahhhh... The homestead, simple life...
Not exactly :-)

I've been trying to make down time each day this read one of the hundreds of books I have.. Or take extra time for grooming some of my fiber livestock... But that doesn't always happen ...
We also try to plan day trips or date nights once a week so I have something to look forward to.... Not bring on/staring at the job site (aka the farm) is important for stress relief ... I don't care how healthy you eat and how much exercise you get ,, if you're stressed you will make yourself sick! We do good sticking to this for a few weeks...
But day trips and date nights Dont always workout either....
Like We had planned to get out of town today... But since we went to look at donkeys yesterday we kinda made a half day trip out of it...still I was looking forward to *really* getting out of town today!!!! 
But that's the way the cookie crumbles...
And back to the homestead work...
It's a beautiful fall day....and garlic needs to be planted before the rain comes in tomorrow night... So I planted a large raised bed of garlic today... And....

I canned mushrooms! A friend gave us about 8 lbs of mushrooms from the local mushroom farm.. These will be a nice treat to add to soups this winter!

While those were processing I melting and strained the bees wax from last weeks honey harvest!
Looking forward to making some body butters & balms with this!
Then Shredded some cabbage and filled up the crock ... Sauerkraut on the way!
Regular chores... Takes me around a hour to feed and water all the livestock im in charge of.. ( around 60+ birds right now, 6 angora rabbits, a donkey, llama and a goat.. For now!) 
Yeah,,About an hour if I hustle...And IF I don't stop and spend extra time with the donkey or llama.. Hard to do! I try not to though.. I like to get through all the chores then go back and mess with them later! :-)
I have got to downsize more of my poultry !!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully my husband is making dinner tonight!
Cause I'm pretty tired.
For now though, I'm gonna go brush the llama and the donkey!

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