Sunday, September 13, 2015

The boys are back in town!

Well,, tis the season for goat love... This is Dakota .. A very very full of himself Mini Nubian buck. Comes from a good producing dam ,, love the sweet butterfat of the Nubians...pure bred Nubians never brought me anything but trouble and drama. A 50% Nigerian though! Yep, I'll take him! He's already bred Sugar ,, in Nov. Biscuit should be ready.. Jan . Little gumdrop should be ready..can't wait to see what this guy produces!
But... Then there's this....
One reason I don't like goats... A major reason...
The bucks stink SO bad!!
I mean,, gag!!!
And they are so gross.. Peeing all over their face and legs then trying to rub their icky head on anything and everything so it all smells like them!
But..,that being said...
 I'll take stinky over dangerous any day... 
I'll never forget the day that mean babydoll sheep ram hit me and knocked me painfully off my feet... Then backed up and hit me again!!! I crawled out of his pen .. I couldn't stand because of the shooting pain in my thigh! I threw the feed I had in my hand just as he was about to go for hit 3 ... 
That was a reality check...rams,, no matter how cute or how little can cause painful injury !
Or then,, the Friesian ram that busted through our very strong goat fencing to get to the girls! Glad I wasn't on the girls side of the fence when that went down!
I couldn't even go in with the ram to feed ,my husband had to build an air lock to lure him into so I could put hay out...
Not fun.., and kinda scary knowing how bad that babydoll ram hit me.. Knowing this guy would break bones if he hit me!

Yeah,,, I'll take stinky over potential injuries and damage to the property! 

So looking forward to goat kids though..
Praying for healthy babies :-) and healthy does with creamy milk!!

Proverbs 27:27

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