Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall harvest... keeps on coming!

Just when I think the work is winding down...
More comes in!
My sorghum did I have a greenhouse full of it drying..
Most of the summer garden has died out but Peppers are poring in...
Muscadines came early!!!
And pears.... Our neighbors have the most awesome pear tree and they are happy for my husband to come and take them all!!!!
I've dried almost a gallon and half of them... Canned pear juice... Pear jam... Anise pears.. Honey pears... Vanilla pears!!!
Thank goodness for my future daughter in law !! I never could have processed 4 bushels of pears without her doing most of the peeling!
One more bushel to go.....
With the peelings and cores I'm making some vinegar ... Would be awesome to not have to buy raw vinegar anymore !

So much going on... And still so much to do!!!
So many blessings from the land.

I am so thankful ....

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