Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Those Charming Turkeys Troublemakers!

How will I ever bring myself to eat all these sweet turkeys!
I'm sure you've heard all the same things I heard before I brought turkeys this year..,
They are stupid, they are hard to keep alive, they eat a lot, they poop a lot ..
Well.. They do eat and poop a lot ... they aren't really stupid.. But they are very very curious.
I haven't had to much trouble keeping them alive. I bought 15 , lost 3... They did get coccidiosis even though I had them in a brooder with a wire floor! but Sulmet cleared it right up.
Did you know they are super friendly ...
And really just very sweet birds!
That they make all sorts for interesting vocal sounds.. Not just a gobble ! These guys have a whole vocabulary!

And they fly.... Really well :-(
Not a trait I like in a bird...
So 15,, lost 3 poults... Sold a trio..
I have 10 left.
And I'm so very very torn on keeping a trio myself. 
I know I shouldn't .. I have to many birds I want to overwinter already!
But my goodness they are neat birds!!!

Decisions ...

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