Monday, August 17, 2015

Late Summer Sensations...

August is being kind to us here in my part of the south. Late summer isn't usually so comfortable! 
But it's been nice,,, upper 80's , cooler nights...not to dry , not to rainy...
Still producing are ground cherries, late provider beans, loads of okra, asian melons, feild peas, winter squash and dent corn is finishing up... our larger shiitake mushroom logs are starting to produce now!
Muscadine are ripening so early!  Waiting on pears.... and hoping my brother comes through with some black walnuts!
Seasonal eating at its finest here.....
Okra fritters with zuchinni relish .. Field peas topped with shiitake mushrooms and onions.. AND with crispy pork cracklings!
Just....So.... Incredible!!! All everything grown right here but the salt!

Yes... Dessert! My Asian melons made into a tasty sherbet!! This was also incredible!!! Sweetened with a tiny bit of honey.. Wow! What flavor !
See I think seasonal eating need not be a lost art.. With internet and websites like Pinterest it's so easy to find recipe ideas with whatever you have on hand!
We may have okra or squash almost everyday in the summer season .. But I promise it's never boring!

Score for the week...,
Sale rack seeds!!! As low as 2 cents a pack! The most expensive was the seed tapes at 35 cents!!!

Carrots,, mustard greens and kale in the ground...and Planted some sugar peas today! My husband better get in it and get my new green house set up!

Still so much more to plant for fall! I want this to be my best fall/winter garden yet!

I say that every year :-)


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