Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Finding winners!

Harvested over 70 winter squash and pumpkins so far this year...and still more in the garden!
 And I found a new very favorite ...
Seminole pumpkin ...they are the smaller ones in the back if the gater here..
 Prolific, drought tolerant , poor soil tolerant and oh so sweet!!!!!! Sweeter than butternut...more like a sweet potato sweetness! With squash texture.... It will be a focus next year! We love them!
They are said to be great for storage ... We will see...
The geese have been the best livestock ever... I hope next years breeding season doesn't hold to much drama because these guys are great for a farm if you have enough grass.... Harvest day will be very sad.... But I will be so thankful... Just a very useful , low input animal.... Low input if you find goose drama entertaining :-) 
We've made a lot of progress this year..
My husband said he thinks we've made more progress this year alone than in the previous 4!
I think he's right!
We have learned so much more this year.
So much Praise to our Lord for keeping us healthy , so we are able to keep working this hard. 

Many blessings to everyone :-) 

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