Monday, July 20, 2015

The Definition of Fun on a Subsistance Farm

Just about every other day now is canning/preserving day! Pick one day, preserve the next...
This years tomato crop has boomed for a couple of weeks now...from my tomatos alone this year i have canned around 64 jars of ketchup, soup tomatos, pizza sauce and salsa... bbq sauce is on the list to can as soon as my ketchup goal is reached.... which is what I'm canning to day! that and more green beans (will put me at 48 quarts of green more run and that goal is met!)
I have also dried quite a few romas and yellow pears... which is really easy!

I'm hoping if tomato season goes long maybe I can experiment with some new canning recipes!!! gotta get the staples done first though! I did allow myself to experiment with a new green beans recipe this year before my goal was met.. just needed alittle fun that day! lol!!
Gosh, farming has sure changed my definition of fun!
I grow basil every year! I love fresh basil... all different kinds... my favorites have to be thai basil and lemon basil.. I never dry basil only enjoy it in season because died basil just leaves my taste buds feeling sad. It can be frozen with better results but I try not to freeze to much and save that space for our meats.
This year because my lemon basil is especially strong I've decided to try preserving it a couple different ways to see if I can capture the flavor..
Infusing in olive oil (a rare oil in our household since we grow our own fats but I was unsure if I could infuse in duck fat or lard )
also trying to infuse with red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar.
I've done alot of other infusing for preservation this year. A very good way to preserve herbs! As my herb gardens expands so does its uses ...from culinary to cosmetic to medicinal...
Truth be told I'd rather be outside playing in the dirt or searching in the woods to see what I can find... but ALL the work that goes into raising my own food... cant stand to see any go to waste if theres some way to preserve it!! Plus... we do have winter in TN.. the winter garden would be mightly boring eating without some of my lovely preserved summer bounties.
 I like to set high goals, as high as i think I can handle anyways since I do this all this preserving on my own for the most part (I did get my future daughter in law to help some but shes so busy with the new baby!)
Just in case of crop failure in following years and so I can share with my son and his little family.
Preserving is fun.... in a farm kinda way ;-)

Inspiration verse when I don't want to be inside preserving my harvest...
Proverb 6: 6-8

Blessings :-)

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