Saturday, June 20, 2015

Must have mass amounts of jars to homestead!!!

I go through the jars!
I have shelves and shelves of canning jars.. There are never enough jars!!
And the season to use them is creeping up on me...
Since the exit of the time sucking ruminants from the farm I am able to actually gather the herbs that grow wild on our farm and from the herb garden I have been working on for 5 years!
So excited to have my very own St. John's wort infused oil!!!
This stuff is a life saver when I pinch a muscle in my back or neck!
Just look at this lovely color!! 
Harvest is starting to make it's way into my kitchen!
I've already put up around 14 jars of duck broth, 33 jars of different relishes and this is my second run of green beans... 14 down.. 42 more to go!
Waiting on tomatoes to hit! Then the craziness really starts! I have the most wonderful short cut to canning tomatoes though ! More later..
We had a hog processed last month and I'm getting around to rendering out the leaf lard now.
This stuff is such an important part of our self sufficiently ... All the fats from the animals we raise are!
Makes more use of the animal we are using for food.. It's healthier... Definatly 
More sustainable..,
And oh,, so many uses!!!

Very busy days ahead of us here... It's half exciting and half scary! 
Gotta keep up with the garden!!! And in this heat... Wow! TN is having August heat in June.. Makes everything so much harder... I pray I can keep up!

Many blessings to everyone out there trying to get through this harvest season :-) 

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