Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tis the season ... For EGGS!

We are rolling now! The girls are really working! I sold half my flock and I still have so many eggs!
it's a blessing,, we love eggs!
but it is a challenge coming up with new recipes ... now we are always up for deviled eggs... scrambled eggs and greens....a good quiche or savory egg pie , though I hate making crust (time consuming on these busy spring days)
 I like to get creative with eggs and our other farm ingredients  ... 
Here is our dinner Monday night... deviled duck eggs with fresh garden herbs,
crust less spring greens quiche... and crust less winter squash cheese cake....
I made all these dishes in 2 hours including cooking time ... which also fed us for lunch the next day... it would have actually fed us for dinner to ,, but my son came over!

As the gardens start producing more fresh veggies I get to be more creative with my bounty of eggs.

Homesteading is such a balancing act..
And you can grow all your own food (we do not 'need' the grocery store anymore)
But you have to sometimes decide what's most important to you for food and as always, what grows best for the natural resources you have and your climate. 

Enjoy spring!!! Hot summer is coming!!!!

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