Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time flies....

Time really has flown since my last post!
we've turned it up here on the farm to get ready for all our spring planting, baby poultry orders and keeping products in our farm store.
and here's one of our latest soaps! I am super excited about it... it's a new herbal soap! Made with pure essiential oils of basil, litsea and sweet orange! Smells energizing!!!
most of my products I use fragrance or a blend of essiential and fragrance oils.. essiential oils are very strong and not used properly can cause problems.
After 4 years of soap & bath products, much research and experimenting I'm confidant enough to use them now.
Essential oils have many many benefits when used properly !! 
Did I mention baby poultry has started rolling in????
This is the first of many 'batches' of poultry in getting this spring !!! Little pekin ducks!
I couldn't be more excited to be able to expand my bird breeds! Different chicken breed to try this year.. Maybe I'll get one that works here (btw, the silkies I added back last fall are fitting in and doing great! So far) 
Adding a few more super laying khaki ducks ... Adding more geese! French guineas and even turkeys!!!!! Probably more silkies too!
I adore birds... And they are not stressful to me like goats and sheep were!!
They fit in better on our farm and with my busy homesteader/small business schedule. 
They are messy!!

First asparagus of the year!!!!! Or ever!
We tried 2 times before to establish an asparagus bed... It wasn't until last year did we have success in a raised bed that had grown beans two years before and plenty of compost added!
We ate some for the first time this week.. Wow! 
Thankful more are coming!

First broody girl of the year.. One if my very first Muscovy ducks... Little Blackie... She hatched 2 clutches last year as a first year layer.. I only gave her eight eggs for this hatch.. Candles them this week...all viable ! She's a great duck.

And after over a years wait we are getting our first shiitake mushrooms... They are good,,,
Just not as tasty as the wild oyster mushrooms we get from foraging our woods. I guess we are spoiled...
I did order some oyster mushroom spawn it hopes that they are better tasting for the log cultivation.
Along with cauliflower spawn .. Because cauliflower mushrooms grow on pine trees.. And we have a lot of pine trees down from last winters ice storm , so why not put then to good use right!
So that's a tiny bit of what's going on here!
Hope y'all are having a very blessed spring !!!

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