Friday, April 17, 2015

More new products ! And more new poultry!

Another spring rainy week!
Got lots of work done though !!
My husband and son put in many new raised garden beds, I mulched my new areas in the 'garden complex' got squash and some beans planted! 
All my green house seedlings are looking great!
And got some products ready to list in the farm store ...

I am especially in love with the whipped lip butter!!!
I have never used a better product on my lips! Should be in the store next week for sale.

And my poultry explosion continues!!! 10 pekins, 30 chicks last week and this week I got in 6 new ducklings and 10 goslings!!!!!!
I love geese... I think they are beautiful , graceful animals.. I love to see them graze the pasture.. Swim on the pond and play.., but After the Toulouse evilness I didn't know if I would have them again but they are such an excellent subsistence, low input animal...with fairly high out put! Great meat! Wonderful cooking fat, goose livers(yum ) the soft down & feathers,,, and eggs if I don't want them to hatch anymore goslings.
They are not my smallest animal on the farm but they are one of the cheapest to feed for me since my husband has improved our pastures. 
And Since I've had good experiences with the pilgrim geese and have got a better way to set them up when they go broody I decided to jump right in and get 6 embeds to raise for our family meat (I may keep a pair if I can sex them properly) and 4 Chinese to raise as main area geese. I have a cute little shed im going to paint for them and they will have access to a different pond than the pilgrims. 
I'm already in love with this brown Chinese gander baby :-)

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